Texas Department of Information Resources
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SoftElegance USA is honored to be selected by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services

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Texas DIR Logo SoftElegance USA is well-positioned to implement projects of any scale and complexity to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations. We have over 15 years of experience in design and development of comprehensive web solutions and provide services to a variety of companies, institutions, and organizations across the United States.

SoftElegance provides comprehensive combination of capabilities in web design & development, visual and information design, data visualization, mobile development, content management, and other digital experiences. Our experts will work with you to identify business goals and integrate them with a design strategy to provide effective and elegant solution.

Our unmatched experience in data management, advanced analytics, data integration, graphics design, and web technologies facilitates a holistic approach towards problem solving and addressing your goals.


Under DIR-TSO-4310 – Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services contract, SoftElegance provides the following services:

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Website Design

We have been developing unique and responsive designs for many years using a wide range of technologies. Each our project reflects many years of domain experience and strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

  • Advanced Usability Design with custom graphics is the best option for our clients who want to get a fully customized dynamic websites with comprehensive graphic elements.

  • Static Content Design is often used to present simple web content that does not change frequently and does not have dedicated hosting requirements.

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Website Development

Website Development includes the typical components of web design plus sophisticated business logic with data management and visualization techniques, as well as any other capabilities dictated by business requirements specific to each organization. The range of our services and our experience in many industries makes us an unmatched candidate for transforming your ideas and requirements into elegant and robust solutions.

  • Complex Dynamic Pages, Mobile Friendly. Nowadays the majority of our clients choose dynamic and user-driven websites. We have had long-term success with creating websites that allow users to alter their layout, content, and available features based on user’s profile or other criteria.

  • Real Time, Mission- Critical Systems. We have an outstanding experience in developing of web platforms for companies from a variety of industries and providing bespoke scalable SaaS solutions. It is worth emphasizing our expertise in real time, mission-critical systems, which we have created for several manufacturing industry leaders in the USA.

  • Website Development - Simple Content Presentation. While it is a must to meet and exceed all project objectives, our goal is to produce solutions that are as simple as possible from technical perspective, so that they are affordable and easy to maintain. Simple Content Management type of solutions falls into this category.


SoftElegance USA warrants that all Services will be provided in accordance with contract agreements and general industry standards. If a quality problem of Design and Development Services is found within 30 days of final production delivery, SoftElegance USA will fix the issue at no cost to the DIR customer. After the free 30 day warranty period, additional statement of work is required.


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For product and pricing information, call us @ (281) 631-5296 or email us today to find out how we can help your organization under this contract.

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Generate a purchase order made payable to SoftElegance USA, LLC. You must reference the DIR Contract Number, DIR-TSO-4310, on your purchase order.

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E-mail your purchase order to info@softeleganceusa.com or fax it to (281) 595-7666


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SoftElegance USA is a Houston based company, specializing in development of business software, business processes automation, and SaaS solutions.

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