Web-based applications and internet-related services development, SaaS, custom software applications, sophisticated business workflow software — based on defined client goals, commercially packaged applications development for proprietary software.

Through working with dozens of clients on almost hundred of projects, SoftElegance USA provided customers with competitive advantages by developing custom software solutions for oil and gas, drilling, retail, engineering, health care, and manufacturing industries.

SoftElegance USA provides customized software development, project management, consulting, and dedicated development teams services to fit clients’ needs and budgets. It offers software consulting, development, and maintenance services on the outsourcing business model, where clients benefit from SoftElegance’s up-to-date methodologies, technical skills pool, project management processes and quality assurance procedures.

Case Studies:

Business Processes Automation Software Development.

Software Development Consulting

Consulting services help to improve, expand, and redesign current software architecture using cutting-edge technology and methodologies.

For current projects that are up and running but need a facelift or redesign, SoftElegance’s software development consultants, architects, and designers, can consult for updating current technologies, performance optimization tasks, load balancing, front-end redesign, or database refactoring.

Custom Software Development

SoftElegance has knowledge, experience, and tools to design and develop complex, technically challenging, and revolutionary software applications.

Customized software development is available for companies that need to implement the applications from the ground up. New application development and design is based on customer's current or future business needs. SoftElegance works closely with the client to ensure that the software efficiently addresses real business tasks.

Dedicated Development Teams

Offshore Dedicated Team is a proven business model for outsourcing. It combines advantages of highly skilled and affordable offshore resources with the full client’s control over project management and budget.

With this model companies can hire developers with flexible terms to work on Development, Maintenance, Quality Control, and Documentation. Dedicated Team is an excellent solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process.

Software development services with quality assurance

Working over the past two decades SoftElegance follows mature and efficient project management and execution methodologies, such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP) or variety of Agile methodologies. This allows to streamline and standardize the development process. Continuous managerial guidance facilitates all team members to have an active role in performing and supporting the overall software development plan.

SoftElegance USA has developed an efficient processes for communicating with clients to deliver solutions according to business requirements, on time, and within budget.

Rigorous quality assurance procedures start at the very beginning of the project to maintain and incorporate quality standards throughout project execution lifecycle.

Dedicated development teams and custom software development services with the focus on cost-efficient outsourcing model


SoftElegance USA is a Houston based company, specializing in development of business software, business processes automation, and SaaS solutions.

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Best practices for development of sophisticated business software and custom software development for manufacturing industry.


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